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More Than Meets the Eye

Fandom: Stranger Things
Rated: G
Category: Gen. Drabble. Family. Hopper.
Time Frame: Season Two: after the gate, before the dance.
Spoilers: Stranger Things, Season Two.
Summary: You really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Or a policeman by his uniform.


Jim Hopper was the stereotypical man's man.

He was big and strong and into sports and knew his way around weapons.

So he didn't cry.

At least, that was the rumor.

That Jim Hopper, Chief of Police and All-American guy, was way too tough for that.

Funny thing about rumors, though. They're only sometimes true.

So while most citizens of Hawkins would have been shocked to find their police chief sobbing like a baby in his truck that day, Hopper himself wasn't a bit surprised.

And if El ever noticed the smudges on her birth certificate, she didn't mention them.

(the jack is silent)

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