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Fandom: Stranger Things
Rated: PG
Category: Ficlet. Friendship/found family. Max and Eleven for the win.
Time Frame: About a year after Season Two, probably.
Spoilers: Stranger Things, Season Two.
Summary: There are facts. And then there are things that cannot be disputed.
Word Count: 251


Max looked like she was about to cry. And considering everything she'd been through in the past year, that was saying a lot.

But there was a reason she preferred hanging out with her boys.

Granted, they'd sort of forced the issue, but still. They didn't pull this type of crap.

Plus, inter-dimensional monsters were nothing compared to tricks and treachery leading to public humiliation.

So, yes, Max was about to cry.

That is, until Ashley Kindler suddenly fell flat on her face, and her two cronies tried to help but ended up joining her in a tangle of limbs and papers on the hallway floor.

Max's face changed as quickly as Ashley's posture. She looked shocked for a moment before she laughed.

But after only a few seconds, she stopped. She tilted her head at the awful trio and her brows drew together briefly. Then she smiled knowingly. And while everyone else in the hall was distracted, either with trying to help the popular kids or laughing at them in a poetic turn of the tides, she scanned the area.

When she saw the kid at the end of the hall daintily dabbing her nose with a tissue, she gave her a nod.

El just shrugged, completely nonchalant. But the smirk she wore made Max thank her lucky stars once again that she and Eleven had become friends.

Because Max didn't know much, but she sure as hell knew she did not want to be on El's bad side.


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